Dave Champion Show – May 13, 2011

Dave discusses the infinitesimally small percentage of gun owners involved in criminal gun violence.
Why the Leftist phrase “gun violence” is very misleading.
The Left likes to portray Gandhi as “non-violent”. He wasn’t.
What is one sure sign that government officials believe they are the masters and you are the servants?
Why is that so many cops today just can’t stand it when you exercise a constitutional right?
CA trying to outlaw “open carry” even though not one person open carrying has committed an act of violence.
States with highly pro-gun laws and few gun problems don’t seem to have any impact on legislators of other states.
No dialysis machine found anywhere on the property where (allegedly) bin Laden was killed.
Can a person with chronic kidney disease exist without dialysis? Answer: No.
US DOJ is fighting Dave’s Bivens action against federal judge and IRS officials with everything they have!
New A-Tacs camo design. A very effective evolution in tactical attire.
Pima Country Sheriff’s Dept spokesman lies through his teeth about raid that killed Iraq vet.


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