Dave Champion Show – May 16, 2011

Would you die for a system that offers you “a lesser tyranny”?
Turns out the SEALs were wearing “helmet cams” that recorded everything.
But Americans will never see it!
What can we expect of the Texas law criminalizing unreasonable or sexual searches at airports?
Do you want your rights circumscribed by the irrational fears of our fellow citizens. They do!
Dave lets the words of the communist organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, show its true colors.
Home school organization is hot to get home schooled kids killed in the service of U.S. empire building.
A listener asks about which method is best for having guns at home when you have children.
Indiana Supreme Court rules that the protection of the Constitution no longer operates in that state.
As of July, the good citizens of Wyoming will no longer need a CCW to carry their firearms concealed.
No matter how much success is had with CCW-less carry in other states, Leftists still say “niggers can’t have guns!”


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