Dave Champion Show – May 17, 2011

General MacArthur and President Eisenhower have the same warning for America. Did we listen?
Chicago continues its tradition of corruption with the swearing-in of Rahm Emmanuel as Mayor.
Dave reviews that Rahm could not even have been on the ballot except for the decision of corrupt judges!
Public school punishes 8th grade girl for revealing to her mother that two students had sex on the school bus.
So many people today act so concerned about bullying, but they won’t permit the one and only true solution.
Indiana Supreme Court decision should make it the nation’s most friendly state for home invasion robberies!
How many people who think Newt the Grinch is a great Republican know he supports his own flavor of Obamacare.
Paul Ryan and the GOP attempt to salvage unconstitutional federal socialist entitlement programs.
Can a “scientist” tell you whether Heaven exists?
Dave tells you the proposed dates for his upcoming seminar.
Dave loves that the federal government is now raiding the retirement accounts of federal workers!
Should you give Ron Paul a single penny unless he tells you whether he’s in the Presidential race for keeps this time?


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