Dave Champion Show – May 19, 2011

Jefferson said laws should “be construed by the ordinary rules of common sense.” Are they in America?
Adams said the “pretense…of decency” is often just “cowardice”. Read as Americans in 2011.
Listeners respond to my hope that 3 Indiana Supreme Court judges are executed as traitors.
A listener’s email exemplifies the mindset that got America into this mess, and keeps us there!
Dave expresses that Newton County, IN, Sheriff Don Hartman Sr. should also be executed as a traitor.
Dave critiques the Raven concealment holster.
Dave adds another manufacturer to his short list of 1911 magazines you can bet your life on.
The story of Philly police Sgt. Michael Dougherty threatening to kill a citizen breaking no law and doing nothing wrong!
PD admits Sgt was in the wrong, but then Philly Lt. Ray Evers proves his stupidity by blaming the law-abiding citizen!
Esquire Mag, acting in support of Obama, knowingly publishes false story that new book about Obama is no longer for sale.


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