Dave Champion Show – May 20, 2011

What did the Founders say was the purpose of the states’ Militia and who comprises it? Do you know?
Despite the words of the Founding Fathers, most Americans are embarrassed to say they are the Militia.
Philly D.A. bringing charges against an innocent citizen to punish his act of free speech.
Dave discusses the primary problem with government that has allowed every other problem to flourish.
What separates the Americans who “will” from those “who won’t”?
Chuck Baldwin agrees that it is always the few, never the many, who act in the interest of liberty.
Obama’s campaign spokes-holes are every bit as ignorant of the real world as Obama.
Dave discovers that those in the “new oil states” believe in the A-Biotic theory, not the “fossil” model!
How corrupt is the U.S. Supreme Court? You decide as Dave tells you about the Wickard v. Filburn decision.
A listener asks whether he should buy the Champion Molon Labe 1911 in full size or commander size.


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