Dave Champion Show – May 23, 2011

Samuel Adams told us to defend freedom from “false and designing” government officials! When will that start?
John Quincy Adams tells us the root of our freedom is actually the authority vested in each individual American!
Indiana Supreme Court’s decision is so egregious that even the “winner” wants a rehearing.
Reid now using “tax reform” as a euphemism for “tax the rich”, by which he really means “tax successful Americans”.
I lay out TSA’s blatant lies and cooked evidence concerning the true level of radiation from their naked body scanners.
Ridicule: Like any weapon, it can be used in a moral and appropriate manner, or it can used to attack the innocent.
A listener wonders why some Americans freak out at the prospect of having to set America right again by violence.
How many different ways can government define the identical words when used in different statutes?
If Americans must resort to killing government officials to set things right, when must they stop killing?
Dave discusses his view that “chemtrails” are not based on hard evidence, but merely anecdotal stories.
A listener asks how “Constitution of the United States II” addresses various current Constitutional shortcomings.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – May 23, 2011”

  1. chuck0255 says:

    Two questions if I may. Has anyone given thought to the TSA agents who stand right next to those machines during the check. X-ray techs get behind a lead shield before hitting the button. I would also like to know if there is a printed copy of constitution II around that could be downloaded and read? Thanks