Dave Champion Show – May 24, 2011

What did Ayn Rand say about the “choice” to be a good person or an evil one?
The problem with the Left is all the “glaringly evident” truths they have “decided not to see”. (Rand)
Arizona Supreme Court makes an excellent ruling! Why did the State argue against an unalienable right?
Turns out Indiana Supreme Court justice (and traitor to America) must undergo a “retention” vote next year.
We need to change the paradigm. Those who blindly believe whatever government says are the real “Conspiracy nuts”!
Attorney for Pima County SWAT cops (executioners) accuses the victim of criminal activity without a shred of evidence.
Now that Pima County SWAT cops are under investigation, the story of what they were doing there suddenly changes.
A listener asks Dave to explain Capital Gains tax. Dave asks, “Why would you care?”
A listener expressed apprehension about the property tax provision in Constitution of the United States II.


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