Dave Champion Show – May 25, 2011

Did you know John Adams said you do not surrender your right to resist violence because you enter society?
John C Calhoun said with a particular type of government we get “injustice, violence, and force”. That we do!
Oath Keepers are having a memorial rally in Tucson in support of Marine veteran murdered by Pima County deputies.
What qualifies Al Gore to judge the validity of science? Well…he earned a ‘D’ grade in Natural Science at Harvard!
I read the “Top 12 reasons I vote Democrat”. Can someone please write the Republican version?!
Philly PD says it will now treat the exercise of a constitutional right as “reasonable suspicion” that a crime is being committed.
I explore the smarmy unsubstantiated assertions made by the attorney for murderous Pima County SWAT deputies.
Dave asks a key question about the murder of Jose Guerena by Pima County SWAT deputies.


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