Dave Champion Show – May 26, 2011

Is there such a thing as too much liberty? Do “problems” exist when we have the full measure of liberty?
In 08, 09 & 10 gun ownership soared while violent crime continued to decrease. Proof more guns = less crime!
Even a Leftist will admit he wants the good guy to win a violent confrontation. It just pisses him off to say it!
Laughner determined by court to be mentally incompetent. Gee…no surprise there.
Obama official hands out fuel economy stickers from his 12 mpg Suburban.
Federal government proves Dave right about how they’ll handle Texas’ “no TSA abuse” law.
Is there any practical evidence that Philly PD’s abuse of those who open carry is needless and stupid. Yes!
Netanyahu not buying Obama’s BS.
U.K. tells Savage (again) that he must repudiate his statement, but refuse to tell him which statements.
Man banned from Calguns website for life for saying police who kill without legal authority are murderers.
Dave discusses the phenomenon in which pro-gunners worship police and military.
Are you taking your proper place as the constitutional Militia or are you just a “cheerleader”?


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