Dave Champion Show – May 27, 2011

If another has the “right” to take something from me, do I have the “right” to it at all?
Dr. Jerome Corsi to reveal birth cert forger as well as file criminal complaint against Obama for SSN?
Dave revisits why the Founders wrote the “natural born citizen” clause into the U.S. Constitution.
Dave discusses the secret deal he believes Obama has made with Arabs concerning Israel.
Leftist moron Ed Schultz is right about one thing; I’m not thinking about my neighbor. Because I’m a good American!
We have the War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on Poverty; now the Dems say GOP has “War on Women”.
If the fed government doesn’t have the moral authority to declare abortion legal or illegal, does it have authority to pay for abortion?
A listener asks what citizens can do when they observe police physically abusing a person.
Dave shares an interesting listener email about the A-biotic oil production theory.
A listener asks if, should Americans have to go to war with the fed government, must they “declare war”?


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