Dave Champion Show – June 3, 2011

Who did George Washington say is entrusted with the preservation of the sacred fire of liberty?
Nevada makes some good rational changes to its previously bizarre CCW law.
Dave wonders why anyone would want to own a double action pistol.
Dave points out that Mitt Romney is only a good GOP contender for the Presidency if you like nationalized healthcare!
Dave can’t figure out why any American finds Herman Cain an appealing candidate for President.
Super-toxic E Coli in Europe. This years version of the fake Bird Flu scare.
GOP proves is doesn’t care that Obama is violating the War Powers Act, and they actually like that he is.
Panel says War on Drugs has been an international failure. Dave says it was a smashing success at its real objectives.
New book proves Leftists intentionally set out to harm the incomes, careers, and lives of those on the Right.
Ex-cop who beat motorist (while on-duty) gets probation.
Another U.S. Marine is shot to death by police.
A listener asks a question about the Founders’ view of the “natural born citizen” clause.
There is more oil under the U.S. than in all of the Middle East.
Americans don’t know that most of our domestically produces oil is shipped overseas!


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