Dave Champion Show – June 6, 2011

What did William Jennings Bryan say was the “chief duty” of government? How should it affect you today?
Did you know Thomas Jefferson said nothing is unchangeable EXCEPT your unalienable rights?
Indiana governor takes the cowards way instead of stating his opinion about the corrupt IN Supreme Court case.
Federal judge unconstitutionally threatens school official with jail if ANYONE at graduation says anything religious!
If unalienable rights are paramount, what form of government should the next “United States” take?
Jerome Corsi says White House counsel, Bob Bauer, left that position because he now knows the Long Form is fake.
If Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate IS a fake, what should Americans think about Obama?
Dave says U.S. Solicitor General is getting a bad rap over remarks about “earning less” to avoid Obamacare penalties.
FCC Commissioners has been shown to have colluded with Leftist organizations when creating “net neutrality” regulations.
Dave explains why the internet will be dramatically less free if the U.S. government gains regulatory power over it.


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