Dave Champion Show – June 7, 2011

Why is it that the public so readily believes the lies told by the U.S. government?
Another example of why as a pro-gun American I do not support the NRA.
U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reverses the insane ruling ruling of federal Judge Biery.
Dave discusses the true extremely limited application of the “Building Code”.
Romney believes in Obamacare, global warming, and marijuana as a “gateway drug”. GOP? Really?
Medical doctor vows to pay less in taxes after working in the “public health sector” and getting disgusted.
Dave responds to the question of whether it matters that IRS was created by regulation and not statute.
A listener asks if the U.S. is getting so bad that he should expatriate. Dave shares his views.
Is losing their seats adequate retribution against judges who destroy your rights. Dave says “Hell no!”
E-Verify: How it should work if Americans weren’t busy posing as agents of the new American Police State.


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