Dave Champion Show – June 10, 2011

Which do you prefer – “liberty with danger” or “peace with slavery”?
Why government should never “protect” us and why Dave refuses to accept its “protection”.
In California a camera is deemed a far better self-defense tool than a gun. Ask the woman who was raped!
Now that CA no longer has lawful open carry, nor any viable CCW program, will CA be sued?
Was LAPD Chief Beck threatening open carriers or simply acknowledging the odds?
An LAPD officer blames the end of open carry in CA on those who open carried. Really?
Based on research, Dave’s audience must be having the best sex in the country!
Dave discusses what is constitutional wrong with the recent NM Supreme Court ruling on seizing guns.
Dave gives you the “customer service” follow up about Raven Concealment Holsters.
A listener asks Dave about getting a list of “gear” for fulfilling one’s obligation as the constitutional Militia.
A listener asks about getting a mortgage “pardoned” or otherwise terminated. Hear the answer!


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