Dave Champion Show – June 13, 2011

More “Champion Molon Labe” pistols sold than any other signature series 1911 from Ed Brown Products!
Ed Brown Products has decided to extend the cut-off date for ordering your Champion Molon Labe 1911.
Dave explains that most rural SWAT teams are not well trained at all.
In the murder of Jose Guerena by Pima County SWAT team, 49 bullets by deputies did not hit their mark!
Dave discusses the murderous false reasons Pima Country SWAT denied Guerena medical care until he died.
Tennessee legislators and governor have lost their minds, creating law that says you should know what will upset others!
Baltimore police officer convicted of manslaughter for shooting an unarmed man out of ego and anger.
Looks like Miami Beach police officers shot and killed an innocent man. Department now lying to cover it all up.
Dave discusses the difference between reports of police misconduct today versus a decade ago.
Noted Christian leader, Gary Bauer, knowingly lies [a sin] about Ron Paul.
Janet Nepolitano lies through her traitorous teeth about why TSA doesn’t focus on young Muslim men.
Army report shows Afghan troops aren’t worth a damn and steal personal possessions off dead U.S. soldiers.


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