Dave Champion Show – June 14, 2011

The irony of a pseudonym.
Lysander Spooner warned what would happen in America if…. Wow, was he right!
Traitor Napolitano pumps an expansion of Americans spying on Americans.
Do you know what a DHS “fusion center” is? You should because they exist to monitor YOU!
US DOJ is refusing to obey a Congressional subpoena for “Fast & Furious” records. Dave tells you why!
Does Congress have a legitimate constitutional oversight role over Executive agency actions?
Is the Dave Champion Show “anti-police”?
One of the top cops in southern Nevada has requested a meeting with Dave. I wonder…
Is the price of going to federal court now being used as a means of creating a “chilling affect” on free speech?
Dr. George Rekers, another big-time Christian anti-gay activist, turns out to be gay.
Roving violent mobs in America? Only in those areas where citizens are not allowed to carry guns!


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – June 14, 2011”

  1. tittiger says:

    For the record Dave. I am anti cop. I have never met a good one. I think it is a job that requires one to violate the rights of American citizens in order to keep it.


    If you are not anti-law enforcement there is something wrong with you.