Dave Champion Show – June 16, 2011

Which Americans did George Washington say “may achieve almost anything?”
Nazi Pelosi uses her position and privilege to increase her wealth 62% in one year, as America suffers.
Kissinger suggests a cyber-war “treaty”. Is that really practical? Dave gives you his thoughts.
British murder plot proves that when guns are outlawed criminals simply turn to other weapons.
Wisconsin adopts law to permit concealed carry!
Critical resupply into Afghanistan now going through Russian airspace? What did we give Russia?
Guerena: Pima County releases “probable cause affidavits”, which appear not to constitute any probable cause.
A listener suggests Dr. Edwin Vieira’s seminal work “Pieces of Eight” and tells you where to get this out-of-print book.
A listener asks Dave’s opinion about the carry and use of a bayonet in our role as the constitutional Militia.
ATF’s agents slam operation Fast & Furious and contradict the “higher purpose” claimed by senior ATF & DOJ officials.


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