Dave Champion Show – June 23, 2011

“In every country and every age, the priest has been hostile to liberty.” ~ Thomas Jefferson
Witness how pretend-Christians use the Bible to undermine liberty in America.
Are pretend-Christians who pervert scripture to harm Americans any better than Muslim extremists?
What shall America do about those who claim to have God’s authority to harm their fellow Americans?
Want your children’s eyes to develop properly? Make them play outdoors!
Fox News caught lying about what an expert said regarding Obama’s birth certificate.
After getting caught lying red-handed, Fox News refuses to retract the lie.
Cops claim because they were looking the other way a citizen recorded them “in secret”!
Dave kicks around the concept of “reasonable expectation of privacy”. How often do we really have it?
A cop, Mario Masic, arrests a woman because she refused to stop filming him from her own front yard.
Dave shares his personal email message to law-breaking cop, Mario Masic.
How many women getting breast implants know they’ll likely have to go under the knife again within 10 years?
Dave discusses the the monstrously huge economic “pension crisis” that is right around the corner.


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