Dave Champion Show – June 27, 2011

If they be myths, they be myths to which the Republic is committed!
If I trample a man’s rights, I automatically become inferior to him.
Whack-job Christian says the U.S. Constitution must be subjugated to (his interpretation of) the Bible!
If we accept that committing “sin” is reason to deprive Americans of rights, we enter an era of chaos and anarchy.
Rand Paul says that Congress can refuse to raise the debt ceiling without U.S. defaulting on its debts. Dave agrees 100%!
Sen. Jim DeMint warns GOP that if they raise debt ceiling they may well be swept out of office in 2012.
Geithner masquerades as an economist in order to promote the Left’s big government philosophy.
A listener asks about the law relating to open carry in Nevada.
Dave discusses the one area in which the Founding Fathers completely botched the U.S. Constitution.
Recent U.S. Supreme Court case shows Sonia Sotomayor is a complete activist with no respect for the law.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – June 27, 2011”

  1. tittiger says:

    Dave I believe this is the show where you rail against those that do not pay on their mortgages.

    I am going to be brief…..
    I disagree with you strongly on this one brother. First of all it is immoral in the first place to borrow money from a fractional reserve banker. It is more than that it is the sin of stealing. HOW you ask? Because the counterfeit money is inflation by definition and by doing this you steal from everyone that holds dollars.

    The whole transaction is fraudulent. The best I can do is to support handing your banker a piece of paper with numbers on it. (The exact thing he gave you. RIGHT?) The fact that he can’t spend it? Well maybe we need to change the law so that my pieces of paper with numbers on them are as valid as those that the banker produces.

    Joe in Missouri