Dave Champion Show – November 1, 2011

The Left’s twisted logic that says only black Americans who are Leftists are “real” blacks.
According to Leftists, if you vote for Cain it proves you are a racist.
Remember all the rhetoric from GOP Congress about slashing government spending? It increased 5%!
Xe (formerly Blackwater) is recruiting Slavs & Koreans soldiers and sending huge numbers of them to China.
Dave debunks the nonsensical email claiming Soros is controlling the firearms industry.
Good News: Hugo Chavez is terminal. Let’s plan the party now!
Delusional sack of crap, Harry Reid, says the private sector job market is “doing just fine”.
Dave’s predictions about the Mexican cartels involvement in U.S. are coming true.
The Catholic Church is promoting one-world government by calling for a one-world bank.
Woman shoots man who was stealing her infant. But the Left is still too stupid to figure it out.
Owner of a Champion Molon Labe 1911 tells of his experience with the weapon during training.
Is the U.S. really leaving Iraq? Dave says no.
The FBI blatantly lies to a federal judge and the American people about the existence of OK City video tapes.
Dave shares with you the ridiculous and corrupt process by which the ECB borrows from the Federal Reserve.
Greek politicians freak out as Greek PM Panandreou asks the Greek people how they want to handle their crisis.


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