Dave Champion Show – November 3, 2011

The EU is a perfect case by which to teach your children the failings of Socialism, central banking, fiat currency, and lack of moral character.
“Patriotism is no substitute for a sound currency.” Grover Cleveland
Which are the three worst states in terms of personal freedom? Dave tells you.
In light of the Cain allegations Dave discusses what is and is not actual “harassment”.
UNESCO pleading for U.S. funds after taking an actin they KNEW would end U.S. funding under U.S. law.
Dave shares some startling statistics concerning Americans and gun control.
Has the financial industry changed its ways since 2008? Dave points to one company that certain did not!
Obese and smokers to pay more for their health insurance starting soon. Right on!
Obama administration seeking regulations to permit U.S. to lie to Americans filing Freedom of Information Act requests.


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