Dave Champion Show – November 7, 2011

Galls is violating the law and taking advantage of you. Dave tells you how you can help set things right!
Dave gives stats on just how much the firearms industry has been growing while other economic segment flounder.
Second highest DOJ official now admits he too knew about “Fast & Furious”.
Former Navy SEAL says Washington’s version of the Pak raid is a “fairy tale”. What really happened?
Michael Moore doesn’t like being confronted by how wealthy he really is. He verbally attacks reporter for mentioning it.
A listener will be following Dave’s advice on how to insure a hospital doesn’t issue his new-born daughter a SSN.
A listener asks Dave where he intends to take the Dave Champion Show in the long term.
Director of China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund says Europe’s welfare policies induce sloth and indolence. Duh!
Dept of Energy makes whopping loan to firm headed by Nancy Pelosi’s husband. Coincidence I’m sure!
Dave tells you why he can’t wait for former Washington lobbyist, Jack Abramoff’s, book to hit the shelf.
Homeland security emergency turns out to be a burnt out lightbulb and some cookies!


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