Dave Champion Show – November 9, 2011

Statistics show the federal government and its workforce aren’t suffering the affects of the bad economy one little bit.
White House and huge Obama contributor both caught red-handed lying about Solyndra.
Dems walk out of Super Committee.
Dave tells you exactly what the Super Committee will eventual do.
Dave tells you what GOP Congressmen and Senators really believe, in contrast to what they say publicly to get votes.
Dave tells you why virtually every country wants Iran bombed out of its nuclear capability, no matter what they say publicly?
If the answer to “cyber terrorism” is so simple, what’s the agenda behind not instituting the solution? Dave tells you!
Dave compares pre-Civil War slavery to the life of 80% of Cuba’s residents today. You’ll be shocked at the similarities.
Where should the blame properly rest for major corporations leaving the U.S.? Not where most Americans place it!
Eric Holder trying desperately to dodge the bullet on Fast & Furious.
Dave discusses the real reason reason behind FEMA’s new Emergency Alert System. It’s manipulative and political, not your welfare!


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