Dave Champion Show – November 16, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt on what is worth having and doing in this life.
How Hollywood distorts perception and history in order to promote the corrupt Leftist world view.
Dave discusses his conversation with Galls CEO, Larry Dismukes, and the resolution to the “sales tax” question.
China’s comments about the U.S. Dave asks; is it any mystery that totalitarian states make faster more linear decision?
Have you been wondering why police don’t crush the “Occupy” movement. Dave tells you and you’ll be surprised!
A listener asks Dave about overseas banking and how it may be tied into the IRS. Dave responds.
Allen West joins the chorus of officials seeking Holder’s resignation.
Dave corrects Harry Reid’s asinine statement that government regulation doesn’t hurt business.
EU bans x-ray body scans at airports for health reasons while TSA puts off critical health tests.
Texas cops lie about why they will deploy federally provided surveillance drone to monitor Texans.


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