The Narrow Minded Republican

Yesterday a fellow stated, on my personal Facebook page, that people who get tattoos are stupid. (I’m confident he took note of my profile pic, in which one can see several of mine.)

He’s a big “support our troops” guy, so I informed him that a large percentage of this nation’s Spec Ops warriors are heavily tat’d and I’m sure they appreciate him calling them “stupid”. There are likely also quite a few tat’d folks with IQ’s higher than his.

This fellow is a fervent Republican. His statement exemplifies something all too common in Republicans’ thinking (or lack thereof). They believe the only “good Americans” are those who look, act, and think, just like they do. Not only is this incredible petty, narrow minded, and arrogant, but it is also completely antithetical to the principle of liberty! With guys like him the equation goes like this:

Longer hair than they like to see on a man – You’re the problem with America.

Wear a style of clothing they don’t like – You’re the problem with America.

Use language they don’t like – You’re the problem with America.

Follow a different religion than they do (or no religion at all) – You’re the problem with America.

Express sentiments with which they don’t agree – You’re the problem with America.

Have visible piercings (other than 1 in each ear, and only if you’re female) – You’re the problem with America.

Don’t walk in lock-step with their political views – You’re the problem with America.

Married to a person who is visually obvious as being of another race – You’re the problem with America.

Have tattoos that are visible when you’re wearing a tank-top and shorts – You’re the problem with America.

Homosexual – You’re EVERYTHING that is wrong with America.

(Side Note: If you smoke a couple of packs of cigarettes a day, drink to excess nightly, and are 60 pounds overweight, you’re good-to-go to be in the club!)

In a world that is ever more diverse, these small-minded dolts have created a “just like me” club and anyone not in the club is “the problem”.

With all the difficulties this country is facing, this guy chooses to insult those who may otherwise have been political allies, and spits in the face of Thomas Jefferson – all the while claiming he loves this country.

And for the record, such people do NOT love this country. This country is made up of all sorts of people. But these narrow-minded creeps do NOT love the America in which The People are free to be themselves. They love the ideal that is in their head of what America “should be” once all the “losers” (see the above list) get straightened out. In other words, they love their fantasy version of America in which everyone is a member of the “just like me” club and all that “individuality” nonsense has been forced into its proper boundaries!

Why do I say, “spits in the face of Thomas Jefferson”?

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.”
~ Thomas Jefferson

These folks would have made great Nazis. Their definition of what constitutes a ”good German”…oh, I mean a “good American”…is only slightly more permissive than Adolph’s – and that’s only because one of their own doesn’t have dictatorial powers at this time.

This of course does not describe all Republicans.

There are many reasons why Barack Obama is sitting in the oval office. But one of those reasons is that far too many Republicans are those I just described above.

Copyright 2013 – Dave Champion

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