Dave Champion TV Show – 4/26/13 Dave breaks down the Boston Bombing; undeclared martial law; Let’s talk Islam.


Dave explains why he (and you) can’t know what really happened in Boston.
How believable is the U.S. government?
According to an Asst U.S. Attorney, if you have something that might conceivably explode, you possess WMDs!
Boston residents apparently forget what liberty is.
Why the Boston home searches cannot legally be considered “voluntary”.
Did the government exercise “martial law” in Boston?
Did martial law tactics cause the capture of the suspect?
Might the government have had another unspoken agenda in Boston?
In the wake of the Boston Bombing Dave discusses Islam.
What is a “moderate Muslim”?
Do “moderate Muslims” have a duty to speak out against violent extremist Muslims?
Dave discusses how he used to see the “Stars & Stripes” and what it engenders in him when he sees it today.

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