Dave Champion Show – March 4, 2010

Dave reminds you of the constitutionally limited scope of the census.
What are you communicating when you participate in unconstitutional government programs?
High Caliber Training is looking for high-speed low-drag instructors!
The FAA and “Take Your Child To Work”. Is it really as bad as the dominant media is making it sound.
Obama blatantly using the Office of the President to buy votes for nationalized healthcare.
Why the University of Tennessee should be ashamed of itself.
Starbucks taking the right position on open carry!
Dave discusses the overuse and misuse of SWAT teams.


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – March 4, 2010”

  1. cfwest says:

    Hey Dave, just listened to the show for today. Please understand that I don’t necessarily support one over the other but…could you please explain to me the logic of not participating in the unconstitutional program called social security but you will and would want others to participate in the government operated military? Oh yeah and also tell me when it comes time to retire from the military…what about acceptance of the government funded military retirement plan…guess I don’t get the constitutionality of the military?
    Always love the thought provoking material you provide. Thanks for your show and I look forward to the book release.