Dave Champion Show – June 4, 2010

Thomas Paine makes a point the Left never will understand.
Dave gives Obama credit for his decision to increase the role of Spec Ops in anti-terror efforts.
Dave acknowledges Sullivan County Sheriff Michael Schiff for rewarding a law-abiding citizen who used a gun to end a felony.
Even in a place like CA a man can sometimes use a gun for self-defense!
Dave explains why Israel’s blockade is 100% legal.
A leading Turkish Imam says that the “Freedom Flotilla” should have cooperated with Israel.
Greta Berlin – the lying, rude, communist, NWO denizen, behind the “Freedom Flotilla”.
Maryland trying to prosecute one of its citizens for a felony for merely filming a state trooper in a public place.
How did Fat Albert gain $99 million in net worth in 9.5 years? By scamming YOU!


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One Response to “Dave Champion Show – June 4, 2010”

  1. i18rabbit says:

    i think i am like most of your listeners. but i have been a listener for many years before RBN. anyway, i am “surprised” at 2 things:

    1. you aren’t fully honest about the fraud of the defacto commercial 14th-amendment status of US citizens when you answer questions these days. you answer all questions within our current paradigm, instead of enlightening people to the fraud. what do you think of http://www.TeamLaw.net ‘s efforts?

    2. your continuing bias toward Israel/Jews and against Muslims/Arabs is not very enlightened. you point out some worthy bits against Muslims/Arabs, yet you act as if you are blind to the 60-ton pink Jew Brontosaurus in the living room. you really need to think objectively, and research the subject. it is laughable to hear the petty issues you have with Muslims/Arabs compared to the atrocities of Jews/Israel (which you seem intent on blindly defending), often using unintelligent rebuttals to forward your silly viewpoints on these issues.

    i don’t disagree with your statements about Arabs/Muslims, but they pale in comparison to the evil of the Jews and their state. read the Talmud and Torah lately? you will find 1000x more evils than you will ever find in the Al-Qu’ran. most all statements against Muslims concerning the Qu’ran are 100% BS. don’t believe them unless you check for yourself. and do research. ignorance is bliss, but if you care to know truth, the future will bring a lo of shame if you continue on this issue without unbiased knowledge.