Dave Champion Show – June 8, 2010

Dave asks; why is “character” so important in a free nation? It may be different than you think.
Dave’s comments on the retirement of Helen Thomas.
Oath Keepers Founder and President , Stuart Rhodes, spoke in Pahrump last night. Dave’s observations.
How the U.S. Army is illegally rigging the game against Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin.
Dave explains why Army “investigating officer” Daniel J. Driscoll is a corrupt shill for the Pentagon.
U.N. docs show Turkey to be one of the stingiest nations in donating humanitarian aid to Gaza!
Turkish party that supports secular govt condemns the actions of the Turkish govt in connection with the inaptly named “Freedom Flotilla”
Key financier of the “Freedom Flotilla” is also the money-man behind the drive to build a mosque at Ground Zero!
What Cypress teaches us about the difference between Christians and Muslims.


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