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Dave Champion Show – September 3, 2012

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Dave’s earlier prediction about corporations not being able to exercise religious choices is validated in court.
Dave shares his view that Americans no longer care about facts at all, but see them as a threat.
What might those on the Right consider doing if Obama is re-elected.
Dave discusses how little a Romney presidency will differ from Obama’s – and proposes to acid test his prediction.
How certain people us anti-zionism as a cover for Jew-hating.
Dave details & debunks the childishly stupid arguments Jew-haters use to try to convince you that the “evil Jews” control the world.
A federal appellate court has given the federal govt free reign to conduct illegal wiretaps without consequence.
Military suicides are at an all time high. U.S. chooses not to alter circumstances that lead to it, but to pay researchers to mask the desire.


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