About Dave

Dave was born in Southern California and was a wild teenager during the “sex, drugs, and rock & roll” days of the late 70’s.

But Dave embarked in an entirely different direction when he joined the U.S. Army and became an Airborne Ranger.

After leaving the Army, Dave returned to So Cal and engaged in a number of careers, including law enforcement, the corporate world, the hi-tech industry, business owner, legal consultant, and more.

Dave is a published author, having written the complete and definitive work demonstrating (through the law) the very narrow and limited application of the income tax. (Hint: Most Americans don’t owe any!) The book, entitled “Income Tax: Shattering The Myths”, can be seen at www.incometaxtruth.com.

For 9 years Dave hosted the highly successful liberty-oriented political talk radio show, The Dave Champion Show. Virtually all of those shows can still be heard today here.

Dave has a martial arts background, and is an expert in firearms and tactics. Dave teaches advanced tactics and firearms skills with Combat Dynamics Group.

Dave is also a public speaker and teacher, having given speeches on numerous subjects, including the income tax, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the 14th Amendment, and the 16th Amendment.

Dave has been a frequent guest on radio shows around the country discussing topics such as economics, political theory, America’s future, and more.

Dave is also the author of most (if not all) of the material appearing on www.originalintent.org.

In November 2012, Dave took his radio show to TV. Dave’s weekly TV shows can be seen live in the Las Vegas market. Archives of the TV show can be seen at here and on You Tube.

Dave works tirelessly against the sick and destructive agenda of Leftists and other Statists. He believes that the Leftist/Statist agenda can only prevail where lies are allowed to flourish and are accepted. And the best antiseptic for the infection of lies is the bright warm light of truth. It is this bright warm light of truth that Dave brings to America every week!

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