Dave Champion Show – April 26, 2011

Dave wonders about how successful we can ever be at getting Americans to “care” about the message.
How the dominant media paints the message of liberty and constitutional fidelity as “radical” thinking.
Dave shares his views, and what his actions may have been, in the infamous “McDonald’s” beating.
Man’s home is raided by a SWAT team because his Wi-Fi network wasn’t secured. Cops draw way wrong lesson!
Dave shares Stewart Rhodes’ (Oath Keepers) excellent article on Jury Nullification.
If you practice Jury Nullification, what can you expect in the jury room and what might you say to the judge?


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3 Responses to “Dave Champion Show – April 26, 2011”

  1. tittiger says:

    From the Jury nullification scenario that you present it seems that if jury nullification became common place that judges could just pull jurors off of juries that choose not to convict.

    What besides the integrity that they do not is there to stop them?

  2. tittiger says:

    Have you given it any thought that the whole trans gender restroom thing would be a moot point of we had unisex restrooms like many European countries do?

  3. tittiger says:

    I am sure they will care Dave WTSHF. Basically when it is too late.