Dave Champion Show – June 30, 2010

Bill Carns sit in for Dave.


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3 Responses to “Dave Champion Show – June 30, 2010”

  1. Champion says:


    You’re welcome to say anything truthful on this blog, and offer your opinions. What you are not permitted to do is lie. No comments have EVER been deleted from this blog. My office is a very busy place and sometimes it takes awhile for me to get the time to log in and approve the pending blog comments.

    State your views; kick the issues around. You’re even welcome to spew your Jew-hating nonsense. But the next time you lie on this site you’re gone – permanently.

    Dave Champion

  2. leftcoastguy89 says:

    Which ones?

    This one?
    Or this one?
    Or another I didnt bother to go look for?

    Sounds to me like you’re looking for an excuse to leave. If so, dont make excuses… just go.

  3. i18rabbit says:

    i see that all the comments i have made on this archive/blog website have been deleted. why? because they made some negative statements concerning Dave’s anti-Islam pro-Israel stance. i used to be a fan of Dave for over 5 years, but not anymore. if he can’t take the heat of opposing argument, he shouldn’t waste peoples time with a moderated blog that can’t handle legitimate criticism. he used to be a pro-sovereignty anti-defacto govt radio host, but now he is just a self-serving man out to please the defacto citizens of the US. i am not listening anymore, and i have lost my admiration of his work.