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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 12/31/13 Police officer murders unarmed honor student because the student made a mocking comment.

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

What are the consequences of the upcoming move to weaponize the Moon?
The military-industrial complex is now so certain Congress will always fund them that facts are no longer provided to Congress.
Officer kills honor student because the student made a mocking comment. And the cop’s employer lies to cover him.
Yet another unconstitutional FBI undercover “fishing expedition” against religious people.
Do federal mandatory drug sentencing guidelines serve any moral purpose?
NSA loses a federal court case over its nationwide data gathering.
Did the NSA really win a court case in NY concerning its U.S. data gathering? Dave says it did not!


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 12/6/13 Dave reveals his updated “liberty equation” intended to prevent discrimination.

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Dave shares the responses of the listeners “U.S. dam liability” question from Scalia’s book, “Reading Law”.
How would Dave rule on the “Dam” case? What principle does Dave believe must be applied?
Dave reveals his language for an updated model of liberty that will prevent baseless discrimination.
Dave explains why those who discriminate are nothing but cowardly bullies.
Why discriminators use “freedom of association” as a red herring to falsely justify aggression against others.
Which “right” is it that acts as a permission slip to willfully, intentionally, and knowingly harm innocent people?
What does Jefferson say should be done to rein in those who use aggression to harm others?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 11/29/13 TELL DAVE HOW YOU WOULD RULE ON THIS COURT CASE!!!

Friday, November 29th, 2013

What the U.S. got from the “nuke deal” with Iran.
Might scientists have inadvertently acknowledged the truth of why the Earth warms up at times and cools at other times?
How the U.S. FDA is going to restrict one of the most useful anti-bacterial items every discovered.
A Marine tells the truth about U.S. involvement in Afghanistan – right before he died in the manner he predicted.
What every parent should say to their child when the child says “I’m thinking of joining the military.”
Dave discusses one aspect (of many) as to why young black men in the ‘hood’ feel at liberty to commit violence.
Why Dave suggests “Who Really Killed Kennedy” over the other books on JFK’s assassination.


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 11/22/13 Why Americans are responsible for bad cops not being prosecuted.

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

NSA: Making U.S. enemies worldwide.
The 747 that got lost!
Dave gives you his “solution” for the knockout game.
Why the media hiding the race of perpetrators contributes to racism.
An update on viewer emails concerning the “discrimination” discussion.
Can Americans believe in “accountability” in law enforcement?
Stupid Americans are the reasons bad cops rarely get prosecuted.
Is it reasonable to expect law enforcement agencies to police themselves?
Is it reasonable to expect ANY profession to police itself?
What can Americans learn from what we see taking place in Mexico?
The U.S. government is using legal word games to deny wrong-doing in Europe.


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 11/15/13 Insanity (in discrimination) – Doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome?

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Why don’t people who feel passionately that something has to be done about overpopulation, off themselves?
What is the reason anti-discrimination laws were enacted?
Which industries have taken steps to ensure they would not be the object of government legislation?
Does your model of liberty permit for solutions to significant social evils that systemically harm fellow citizens?
Why the White House is making a mockery of federal law.
Goldman Sachs recently paid Hillary Clinton $400,000 in “bribes” in preparation for 2016.
Who is right – the Sun or scientists?
Dave shares the knockout blow for NSA domestic spying.
How many people should governments kill every day by simply pushing a button?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 11/8/13 How many within the “Liberty Movement” are using liberty as camouflage for selfishness?

Friday, November 8th, 2013

How long has the NSA been conducting mass surveillance on Americans?
Dave discusses Ken Holloway’s great liberty primer – “Freedom of Forfeit: The Fate of America”.
Is “liberty” being used as camouflage for selfish people who have no sense of humanity?
What did Thomas Jefferson say about the pursuit of happiness, selfishness, and the law?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 11/1/13 Dave discusses what he refers to as “The Liberty Conundrum”.

Friday, November 1st, 2013

When the rights of one American come in conflict with the rights of another American, which should take precedent?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 10/25/13 Is “martial law” actually law at all? FISA Court created under “war-making” power.

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Some Americans want Dave to know they DO care about the law.
Scalia said the USSC rejected the truth that the 14th Amendment protects only a limited class of people. Is he telling the truth?
What are two the preeminent rules of Constitutional interpretation?
Do words in a court’s “dissenting opinion” carry any weight?
Why is it so important for the government to lie to the American people about the 14th Amendment.
Is Admiral Poindexter’s erstwhile “Total Awareness Program” still alive and well in America today?
Does the NSA have YOUR email address book? if so, why?
Would you rather be free or provided with the false illusion of protection from the federal government?
The FISA “not-a-real-Court” exists under the federal government’s war-making powers.
More Snowden bombshells to come!
Is there any “law” in martial law?
What IS martial law?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 10/18/13 Do the interpretive nature of religious ideals help or hurt the pursuit of liberty?

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Snowden wins an award for his courage in standing against illegal information gathering.
What is one of the lesser understood motives for why the Left loves big Government.
Dave explains why he discusses less history and law these days and now discusses more individual issues.
Do Americans actually care about America’s decline into tyranny?
The Obama administration’s outrageous and legally heinous method of now interrogating “enemy combatants”.
Does the thought process of religious people threaten the future of liberty in America?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 10/11/13 Are Americans who take “the oath” spineless? FISA court is NOT a court!

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Who is watching the watchers? You won’t believe it!
Dave discusses the feedback he received from the “evolution is not science” show.
When does the “evolution is science” crowd suddenly reject what scientists say?
How research shows that bigotry is connected to disabilities in intellect.
Britain’s intel chief proves that he’s a liar, just like The Clap.
Dave explains that the FISA court is NOT a real judicial court.
Why are so many Americans who take the “oath of office” spineless pieces of crap?
If U.S. troops can “legally” invade other nations, why can’t other nations do it here?
Pope Francis takes yet another public step away from traditional Christian dogma.


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 10/4/13 How can we stop govt. abuse if we won’t even speak to one another?!

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

Alan Greenspan says the economy cannot be fixed until we fix our political process.
Dave discusses why the federal government’s “shut down” is just another scam.
U2′s Bono is as much of a hypocrite as every other Leftist.
Why Michael Savage is dead wrong about the need for a “common culture”.
Dave explains that all America needs is for its citizens to adhere to a singular theme.
Were the punk rockers of the 80s way ahead of society concerning the harm government does to liberty?
Has peace become a salable commodity?
The story of an American mother who would see her children shot if they chose to be “different”.
Why all Americans should collective say “NO!” to government actions 99% of the time!


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 9/27/13 Why evolution is so critical to the religion of Atheism.

Friday, September 27th, 2013

Atheists distain Christians for their “belief in things not seen”.
Why a belief in evolution is a religious style “belief in things not seen”.
Renown scientists plainly state that evolution is NOT science.
Why atheists get so freaked out when evolution is shown to be non-scientific.
The apparent emotional need to grasp onto unprovable dogma #1 or unprovable dogma #2.


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 9/20/13 Why the Federal Firearms Act has zero applicability within the states of the Union!

Friday, September 20th, 2013

What is the REAL reason the U.S. wants military personnel in Syria to “verify” the chem weapon deal?
Did you know that NSA is recording and keeping all your telephone conversations?
Why you should not use encryption or access control systems from any for-profit companies.
Dave opens your eyes to the truth of the very narrow jurisdiction of federal firearms laws. It’s all about deception!
What does the government and courts know about jurisdictional shenanigans in the law that you don’t?
What other area of law relies on this same type of deception?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 9/13/13 Did the Pope reject “the savior”? Is NSA spying on Congress, judges, the Executive, etc?

Friday, September 13th, 2013

Chicago murder numbers continue to soar.
Do you know these men?!
How the government “feeds” stories, which may have zero credibility, to the news.
Why the dominant media doesn’t cares if stories that come to them from government are false.
When (or how) did “believing in things unseen” become a virtue?
The Pope announces that 2,000 years of Christian doctrine is wrong!
Dave muses about the true (hidden) motive of the Catholic Church imposing celibacy upon the priesthood.
Does NSA have a small super-secret unit monitoring the communication of all U.S. government officials?
Dave explains Putin’s brilliant play against Obama!


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 9/6/13 Syria; the facts front to back. Why the 9/11 anniversary merely reinforces the “big lie”.

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Why the Sept 11th anniversary will be little more than a festival of lies.
Dave lays out the truth – front to back – about the U.S. govt’s desire for war with Syria.


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 8/30/13 Why so many average Americans now hate cops. Judges in luxury at your expense.

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Dave discusses the over-the-top luxury vacation enjoyed by the judges of the U.S. 10th Circuit Appeals – at your expense.
The irrational criticism of Miley Cyrus – and why some of it is even un-American.
Why so many ordinary Americans now hate the police.
Dave questions why so many cultural trends in America originate with criminals and other low-lifes.
Why the 50th Anniversary of the MLK march on Washington would turn MLK’s stomach.


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 8/23/13 Why Jury Nullification is critical to your freedom! Is the U.S Constitution a failur

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

DAVE’S TV SHOW 8/23/13 Middle East senior intel officer says U.S. embassy threat was not based on any facts. DEA lied to U.S. courts, defendants, and defendants? attorneys for 2 decades in order construct fake reasonable suspicion and probably cause. Dave lays out the case that the U.S. Constitution is a failure. If the Constitution has failed, what does America now have? DAVE TELLS YOU WHAT ?JURY NULLIFICATION? IS AND HOW YOU CAN AND SHOULD USE IT!!! Who is the U.S actually backing in Egypt, and why?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 8/16/13 Who defines “Christian” in America? The US had been violating your privacy before 9/

Friday, August 16th, 2013

DAVE’S TV SHOW 8/16/13 Dave will be having surgery. What justification does the government use to convince you that “regulating” your rights is acceptable? Who defines what a “Christian” is in America? The government has been violating your privacy without a court order for many decades – LONG before 9/11. Is the way the history praises the Roman Empire one of the reasons Americans think an American Empire is cool?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 8/9/13 CIA hiding truth behind Benghazi. Navy SEALs knew something was wrong before deploypl

Friday, August 9th, 2013

DAVE’S TV SHOW 8/9/13 U.S. claims about embassy threats is meant to divert your attention from the recent truth about Benghazi. CIA is giving Benghazi survivors aliases & hiding them from Congressional investigators by relocating them throughout the U.S.. Father of Navy SEAL confirms Dave?s story about ?Extortion 17″. Navy SEALs who died in Afghanistan told their families they knew something was very wrong before they deployed. Leftist demonstrates that he is only comfortable with people who are just like him ? especially if they are armed! The craziness of saying that you oppose divulging government secrets. What does it mean for America when media & the legal community shuts their eyes to an obviously constitutional violation? Does the sentence ?God, guts, and guns made America free? mean anything anymore?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 8/2/13 The Christian who wants to murder every Muslim on Earth. Senators votes classified?

Friday, August 2nd, 2013

DAVE’S TV SHOW 8/2/13 More evidence that Nancy Pelosi has no idea what the Constitution says. Dave details how Leftists poorly behave when they lose the argument. N.J. Governor, Chris Christie, outs himself as the statist he is. Are people on the Christian Right as bloodthirsty as Dave contends? You decide! What percentage of Muslims are ?extremists? versus what percentage are normal people like you. Senators claim their vote is ?classified? and you can?t be informed how they voted!


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 7/26/13 The true goal behind NSA?s spy program! US govt cremating bodies to hide evidence.

Friday, July 26th, 2013

DAVE’S TV SHOW 7/26/13 The U.S. govt wants a reporter to stay in jail even though all he did was tell the truth. Dave explains the evil that is really behind the U.S. govt.?s worldwide surveillance program. Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, blatantly lied to Congressional investigators. Knowing that the Defense Dept lies to the American people can you believe their story about ?Extortion 17″? Why did the govt cremate every body from ?Extortion 17″ without consulting the families? The govt is cremating bodies of ?govt enemies? right here in American without consent of the family! Is the Christian Right going to render the GOP politically irrelevant?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 7/19/13 What does the public response to the Zimmerman case tell us about America?

Friday, July 19th, 2013

DAVE’S TV SHOW 7/19/13 What does the public response to the Zimmerman case tell us about America?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 7/12/13 What might be a successful political platform?

Friday, July 12th, 2013

DAVE’S TV SHOW 7/12/13 What the Zimmerman case says ? not about Zimmerman ? but about the American public. Does America need a new viable national 3rd party. Dave dissects the Republican Party ?leadership? structure. What should a new domestic platform look like? Where does the GOP fall off the cliff on social issues? What should a new foreign policy platform look like? If the GOP continues down its current path, what might the consequences be for that party?


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 7/5/13 How many Americans would the fed govt kill to maintain power?

Friday, July 5th, 2013

DAVE’S TV SHOW 7/5/13 If the massive NSA surveillance program is intended to stop terrorism, why is the U.S. spying on its allies? Dave encourages you to read his article detailing the FACTS involving in the Zimmerman trial, at Dave tells you about the U.S. govt?s ?continuation of government? doctrine. The U.S. govt has developed its own ?consciousness?, How many Americans will it kill to survive? Are any of the decisions the fed govt makes under the ?continuation of govt? doctrine for your benefit? In his apology for lying to Congress, James Clapper lies to Congress again! Is it coincidence that the Soviet Union propagandized Middle East Muslims to hate Americans and the U.S. govt has propagandized Americans to hate Muslims? Should the U.S. government have the power to cancel your passport? Dave provides the details of U.S. govt?s actions that forced the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor.


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Dave Champion TV Show (Audio Only) 6/21/13 Govt. IS listening to your calls! 5th Amendment dead? Flight 800 truth revealed.

Friday, June 21st, 2013

DAVE’S TV SHOW 6/14/13 Dave tells you why Chicago violence will soon be decreasing. Dave was right. The government IS listening to the content of your phone calls without a warrant! Is there any evidence the ?Islam is the enemy? story was made up by the U.S. government and fed to you? Did the U.S. Supreme Court?s recent decision (Salinas v. Texas) end the 5th Amendment? Dave discusses the practical solution for you to overcome the recent 5th Amendment Supreme Court decision. Retired federal investigators say they were pressured to lie about what happened to Flight 800 in 1996. Dave tells you what really happened to Flight 800 that killed 230 people. Might those who resented Christian control of American culture be getting a little ?payback? now that Christian dominance of the culture has ended?y.


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